​"See what Mummy says..."
​​I'll discuss everything parenting...pregnancy to weaning, breastfeeding to terrible twos, pushchairs to pushing the boundaries & everything inbetween!​​

​You'll hear fom Daddy along the way, but mainly you'll
"See what Mummy says..."


" My name is Becca. I am a mummy of two amazing children (Ok, I'm biased but who isn't?!) I have a little girl who is now 5 & a little boy who is rapidly approaching 18 months!

I have been working in childcare for over 12 years and have had the joy of seeing so many wonderful, funny and sometimes disturbing things!

I started this blog to share my views on the minefield that is parenting - from tips, products and life experiences including miscarriage, feeding & more!

My husband Tom, will also share from time to time (Nothing new there! :p), so look out for "Daddy's Thoughts"

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